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From: Cameron L. Spitzer <cls_at_truffula_dot_sj_dot_ca_dot_us>
Date: Sun May 15 2005 - 17:57:41 CDT

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>Subject: Re: [OVC-discuss] OVC Demo packaging task ready for test
>Date: Thu, 12 May 2005 21:12:30 -0700
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> Also, as
>I've mentioned before, I'd actually like this in a .iso version combined
>with Knoppix, Slackware or some other memory only version of Linux. I want
>to drop in a CD, boot my laptop and have it come up ready to demonstrate. I
>would imagine that you would like to have folks try out this software before
>taking that step but I was wondering if you had a sense when something like
>that might be available.

>There are a couple of reasons why I make this request. First of all, I'm
>not really comfortable with setting up a dual boot or something to run Linux
>along with Windows.

I happen to be the original author of the Linux Loader tutorial,
now available at as "LILO Mini-HOWTO."
I have also installed the Syslinux and GRUB loaders a couple
of times.

My current advice to Linux newbies about setting up dual boot
is "what's the hurry?" The installers that come with modern
Linux distros have the feature, because they'd be considered broken
without it. But that doesn't mean it's a good idea or even needed.
Install Linux on a second drive. Or copy a Knoppix .iso image to
your NTFS C:\ partition and use the "poor man's install."
When the installer asks, "make your system bootable?" say no,
make a boot floppy for me instead.

Boot your Linux system with the boot floppy or the install CD.
Do that for a year, until you are completely comfortable with
everything else about your system. There's no urgent need to make
Linux bootable from hard drive. Leave your working Micrsoft system
completely undisturbed.

Having said that, I will coach any OVC activist who is having trouble
setting up one of the Linux loaders I've used.

> While I know that Linux is powerful, flexible and
>extremely reliable I manage to get by with Windows both at home and at work.

I've managed to fool everybody at home and at work.
My bosses think I'm using the Windoze-95 or Solaris that came with my cube.
The programmers assume I'm using the in-house FreeBSD to pull their
CVS stuff. My fellow activists think we're exchanging Microsoft Word
files. The world is heterogeneous. Use whatever tools meet your needs.
Accept well-informed advice, even when offered by rude people, but
decide for yourself. Celebrate diversity.

>Also, I understand the working program will run this way and it would make a
>more realistic demonstration. Finally, it's an extremely powerful way to
>show why the OVC developers prefer Linux. It really is astonishing to see
>something like Knoppix install itself and boot up a computer with a fully
>operational GUI.

I've had four reactions to the Knoppix disk. 1. Refuse, politely, to
try it. 2. Couldn't boot a CD. What's a BIOS? 3. Amazed.
4. Tried it. Doesn't run Teenage Chainsaw Hookers Death Race Nine.
Not interested in operating systems that won't launch commercial
video games.

I've got a lot of stuff to do before this weekend's GP of California
general meeting, sorry. Probably won't be able to try to run OVC's code
before then. Maybe I'll try it on my laptop on the ride down.
Will it need anything but X and Python?


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