Re: OVC website forum has been hacked probably by a Google rating promoter spider

From: Roy M. Silvernail <roy-ovc_at_rant-central_dot_com>
Date: Fri May 13 2005 - 05:22:46 CDT

Edmund R. Kennedy wrote:

>Go to the web site forum under 'Clued in' and look for
>the poster 'dfdfd'. Also, I'm suspicious of 'asdf'.
>In my experience with the OVC Wiki there were usually
>two postings with one being the Google listing
>promotion site and the other one being some sort of
>flag or beacon. I think 'Guest' access has to be
>turned off to prevent this.
FWIW, I've experienced the same problem on a wiki I have up. My
solution was to enable a feature that requires manual approval of links
in a page edit, as well as a hard limit on the number of links in a
single page. It's more work for the members, but the WikiSpam stopped.
Merely turning guest access off didn't help, as the spammer in question
simply registered a user and tuned the bot to use it.

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