Stage one testing (was: OVC Demo packaging task ready for test)

From: Fred McLain <mclain_at_zipcon_dot_net>
Date: Thu May 12 2005 - 23:48:30 CDT

Hi Alan, Ed & all,

Development happens in stages, please expect it to work this way.
Before I shortened the original subject line my message included "stage
one packaging". No, this isn't the final result, just a whole lot of
work done towards it.

We at best should expect to have installable packages & bug fixes, an
installable distro & bug fixes and a bootable distro & bug fixes. Bug
fixes are predicated by people trying it out & accurately reporting what
happens, thus my last message.

Check out as well as you can the current set of packages. Send me the
installation questions and the results of the inevitable problems you
will have. I can get this information to Will (packaging), Lonnie
(cross port) and hopefully Liam, who has the most distro building
experience as well as the rest of the development team.

I don't think I've missed much of what everyone desires, now it's your
turn to help out. Test it, ask questions, get it installed and then
complain about the rough parts. That's all I ask.

Let's get this done.


On Thu, 2005-05-12 at 21:20 -0700, Alan Dechert wrote:
> Edmund,
> > I want to drop in a CD, boot my laptop and have it come up ready to
> > demonstrate. .......
> >
> Exactly. That's what we're after.
> > I would imagine that you would like to have folks try out this software
> > before taking that step but I was wondering if you had a sense when
> > something like that might be available.
> >
> Right.
> > Finally, it's an extremely powerful way to show why the OVC developers
> > prefer Linux. It really is astonishing to see something like Knoppix
> > install itself and boot up a computer with a fully operational GUI.
> > --
> Yes. I recently tried out the Knoppix disk that Cameron Spitzer gave me. I
> tried it on two (old) computers I have. It worked great! It is
> astonishing. It would be fantastic to have this disk boot with our 4 demo
> apps available for try out.
> Alan D.
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