OVC website forum has been hacked probably by a Google rating promoter spider

From: Edmund R. Kennedy <ekennedyx_at_yahoo_dot_com>
Date: Thu May 12 2005 - 22:54:14 CDT


Go to the web site forum under 'Clued in' and look for
the poster 'dfdfd'. Also, I'm suspicious of 'asdf'.
In my experience with the OVC Wiki there were usually
two postings with one being the Google listing
promotion site and the other one being some sort of
flag or beacon. I think 'Guest' access has to be
turned off to prevent this. The purpose behind these
sort of garbage postings is to synthetically elevate
the web site(s) in question in Google ratings by
mechanically mentioning it everywhere. As Google
rates web pages on the number of times it is
mentiopned on other web pages this can be effective
for pornography, gambling sites and the like. There
is not really a person sitting there doing this as
it's done with malicious software.

In the case of the OVC Wiki, the entire Wiki would be
deleted and filled up with multiple versions of these
various web sites. It got so bad that I was having to
reconstruct the wiki on a daily basis. Once a site is
discovered, these Google rating spiders will return
again and again. Eventually, we went to a different
software package that required new users to look at a
graphic and tell what they saw to be given access to
the wiki. This was the only way we could keep the
wiki from being trashed regularly. We may yet need to
do this with the Forums. For now you need to delete
these postings and turn off 'Guest' access right away.

Thanks, Ed Kennedy

PS: Google rating spiders are the reason that many
web sites use a graphic to defeat these nasty little
robots. For now, this approach is working although
I've heard that more advanced versions of these
obnoxious programs are trying OCR to try and get
around these 'only human readable' graphics.

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