Re: Open Source licensing, Take 2

From: Joseph Lorenzo Hall <joehall_at_gmail_dot_com>
Date: Wed May 11 2005 - 21:02:24 CDT

(Being the resident licensing geek, I must say that I am sorry to have
missed most of this thread. I'll try to pay more attention (the
traffic on this list is high and I don't often go through the threads
enough... especially during finals, graduation, etc.).)

Here's what I would consider a valuable question: Why not offer OVC
code in a number of licenses at once... say under BSD and GPL?  There
are quite a few projects that are dual- or even triple-licensed.  I
must say that I find David Mertz's argument above very compelling
(that it should be defined as free software (or something under a
standard license) and then defining things that are extra-licensory
like certification, custody requirements, etc separately.).
Also, I think the rewriting a license should be the last resort... and
if OVC does go that route, it should be "compatible"[1] with the
license that you expect most affecting the software with which you
will distribute it.
[1] A license is compatible with another license when all the
provisions of one license allow it to be used under the other license.
 For example, taking BSD code and releasing it under the GPL.
I'll keep a look out for this thread! -Joe
Joseph Lorenzo Hall
UC Berkeley, SIMS PhD Student
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