Re: Freshmeat

From: David Mertz <voting-project_at_gnosis_dot_cx>
Date: Tue May 10 2005 - 20:44:39 CDT

On May 10, 2005, at 7:23 PM, Edward Cherlin wrote:
>> Seriously... this project is not hosted at Freshmeat. It is
>> only ANNOUNCED on Freshmeat. To actually get the software,
>> you need to follow the links to
> add release |
> add branch |
> add screenshot |

When you add a release/branch on Freshmeat, you are just adding a
description of the release. What's new, what's included, new
requirements, etc. It's a perfectly good way to announce and monitor
the status of projects, but it's not backed up by any FTP server or
version control system.

Try it if you don't believe me. Try creating an OVC/EVM project, which
you can perfectly well do. And type in the description and all. Then
try to figure out a way to upload any actual release files. After you
do that, you'll come to the accurate conclusion that Freshmeat ain't a
code repository.

I have nothing against announcing EVM versions on Freshmeat--it's
probably a good idea. But they aren't a site that provides a
repository for files and archives.

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