Re: flimsy paper?

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Date: Tue May 10 2005 - 17:38:52 CDT

I don't know if this would be called flimsy paper. Perhaps non-archival paper and minimum standards for ink would be closer.

I ate a restaurant once where the cash register had an interesting error in the restaurant's favor. I saved the receipt, intending to write a nasty-gram to chain's corporate HQ, but noticed about 6 months later that the ink had disappeared.

We might want to write something about how long the ballot will be legible.

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> I talked with someone in Ohio who was very adamant that if we used regular 
> printer paper it wouldn't be thick enough and would cause problems (paper 
> jams, scanning problems if the papers were folded or ripped, etc). He 
> suggested we use thicker paper. He was also a big fan of IBM cards and 
> programming the computer to punch a hole instead of print out the name of 
> the person the voter voted for. 
> I promised him I would bring these issues up with the developers, so there 
> you go.... Feel free to respond if you think these are valid concerns. 
> Otherwise, don't worry about it.... 
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