Re: Open Source licensing, Take 2

From: David Mertz <voting-project_at_gnosis_dot_cx>
Date: Tue May 10 2005 - 16:41:36 CDT

> think we want the following to be "Yes.":
> COLUMNS = "Yes"
> b,c,g,h,i,j

For others, I list the checklist below. Btw. My state has done a nice
job summarizing the features (and with its open government program for
source code; props to Linda Hamel).

I don't care about C or J though. I would lean towards "No" on both of
those, but would be satisfied with "Doesn't matter." We do want K
also, I think.

I'm fairly indifferent on O. But as a practical matter, it's harder to
attract good volunteers to a BSD-ish license than a GPL-ish one. A lot
of people feel strongly about not wanting private companies to "steal
their work."

B = Can freely copy and distribute
C = Can charge royalty for copying or distribution
D = Can charge a fee for physical transfer of software
E = Must attach a copyright notice
F = Must keep intact all notices referring to license
G = Must include complete source code or a written offer to provide
complete source code at nominal cost
H = Can modify the program or parts of the program to form a new work
I = Can freely copy and distribute the modified version of this program
J = Can charge royalty for distribution of modified program
K = Must prominently note on the modified version that it has been
modified, and note the date of modification
L = Must include source code of any modifications if distributed
M = Interactive programs must display notices regarding warranty,
copyright information, redistribution information, and how to view the
N = Sections of modified program that can reasonably be considered
separate works are not bound by the terms of this license when
distributed by themselves
O = Must license any modified work distributed by you under the terms
of this license (the license is viral)
P = Can impose new license restrictions on distributed/modified copies
Q = Includes a grant of patent licenses
R = Must license all modified work that is distributed or published
under the terms of this license at no charge to third parties
S = Provided "AS IS"--No express or implied warranties of functionality
T = No liability for damage caused by program
U = Distributors can provide a warranty in exchange for a fee
V = Distributors must include warranty disclaimer
W = Provision of additional warranties trigger indemnification provision
X = Contains provision on attorney's fees
Y = Contains additional restrictions on manner of availability of
source code
Z = Other relevant provisions/Comments

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