Re: The voter ID issue.

From: Arthur Keller <voting_at_kellers_dot_org>
Date: Tue May 10 2005 - 01:24:33 CDT

Not so. Someone at CFP in 2004 had a scanner where you could read
and print out the mag strip. It was a few copies of the data on the
other side, plus some other (small amount of) garbage.

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At 8:20 PM -0700 5/9/05, Ed Kennedy wrote:
>I hate to have to tell you this but California Driver's licenses
>(and I suspect the ID's which is also obtained from the DMV office)
>have a standardized 4 line mag strip on the back that either has
>your digitized photo and right thumbprint or sufficient information
>to quickly call it up out of the DMV database. If that isn't
>biometric, what is?
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>>Ron Crane wrote:
>>>As a certified privacy nut, I see no problem with requiring a
>>>state-issued photo ID at voter registration, and at polling
>>>places, as long as it's easy for legitimate holders to obtain and
>>>costs very little. There is no need for anything more intrusive,
>>>e.g., biometrics.
>>Agreed. And that is exactly the status of the California driver's
>>license/ID card and to the best of my knowledge, similar for all
>>other states.
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