Re: The voter ID issue.

From: Ron Crane <voting_at_lastland_dot_net>
Date: Mon May 09 2005 - 21:10:09 CDT

On May 9, 2005, at 6:00 PM, Jim March wrote:

> Arthur Keller wrote:
>> A large fraction of the people residing in the City of New York take
>> public transit and don't drive. Hence they have no need for Driver's
>> Licenses. Only some of them see the need for an ID card.
>> I hope we don't get to the point when people doing *nothing* wrong
>> are asked by a police officer, "Your papers, please?," like in Nazi
>> Germany. I'm concerned that a National ID card, in the guise of a
>> Driver's License or ID card, might take us there.
>> Best regards,
>> Arthur
> Yeah, I *know* how fine the line is!!! We don't want Federalized ID,
> period.
> Sigh.
> But we've got too many documented cases of abuse.
> State-level ID is probably going to be the middle ground we have to
> live with.

As a certified privacy nut, I see no problem with requiring a
state-issued photo ID at voter registration, and at polling places, as
long as it's easy for legitimate holders to obtain and costs very
little. There is no need for anything more intrusive, e.g., biometrics.


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