The voter ID issue.

From: David Mertz <voting-project_at_gnosis_dot_cx>
Date: Mon May 09 2005 - 19:07:22 CDT

On May 9, 2005, at 7:34 PM, Arthur Keller wrote:
> I hope we don't get to the point when people doing *nothing* wrong are
> asked by a police officer, "Your papers, please?," like in Nazi
> Germany. I'm concerned that a National ID card, in the guise of a
> Driver's License or ID card, might take us there.

I know this is not within OVCs scope, so I don't want to belabor it.
But people interested in avoiding totalitarianism might go to:

Really soon! This is a nice site to help you write a letter to your
Senators in opposition to the submarine provision in a Defense
Appropriation Bill that would implement National IDs (and remove the
presumption of innocence we used to have with the 4/5/6th Amendments).

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