Cue-Cat and Barcode reader (was RE: New to group)

From: Arthur Keller <voting_at_kellers_dot_org>
Date: Mon May 09 2005 - 12:29:49 CDT

A while ago, I bought an about $200 2-D barcode reader with a USB
connector, but I've never had the time to get it working with the
demo. Anyone want to try?

Best regards,

At 8:01 AM -0700 5/9/05, Edmund R. Kennedy wrote:
>Hello Jim and Clint:
>I recall seeing a note from Arthur (?) that the
>CueCats were used only as quick and dirty expedient to
>get the demo up and running and that there was never
>an intent to use them in the actual product. Oh yes,
>they were for bar codes only. While we have had
>extensive discussions about OCR versus bar codes,
>generally bar codes came out on top because they could
>be self checking and had a good information density
>especially when '2d' bar codes were used. The other
>side of the argument was that there was a modest
>amount of suspicion about bar codes and that they were
>not as user accessible as some folks would like
>(including me). However, the argument for bar codes
>usually sounded more persuasive IMHO. Lately I've
>been suggesting that this sort of thing doesn't have
>to be either/or but could be both. However, that was
>actually in regards to other items like machine
>initialization and the basic format of outputs. If
>OCR isn't reliable, then including it as an option
>doesn't make sense.
>Thanks, Ed Kennedy

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