The voter ID issue.

From: Jim March <jmarch_at_prodigy_dot_net>
Date: Mon May 09 2005 - 00:06:15 CDT

Ed Kennedy wrote:

> Hello Jim:
> <Place finger high in air during a lightning storm while standing
> outside in an open area> As a Republican, can you give me an idea
> where most Republicans stand on voter ID issues? I've heard stuff
> from all over the place and I don't know what the actual feelings
> are. As you may recall, I've gotten myself in a heck of a lot of
> trouble by talking about ID's and voting. However, I still feel the
> problem won't go away so I'd like to know where to go next with this
> issue. I value you input. </Run for cover>

Voter ID is strongly supported by the conservative set (the
"Ashcroft/religious right type Republicans" who make up the majority of
the party) and at least tolerated as "probably a good idea" by the
middle-of-the-road types like Arnold. The "radically pro-freedom wing"
of which I'm a member doesn't talk about it much but isn't outspokenly
against it.

It's driven by stuff like Chicago, where you don't have to be a spirit
medium to see the actions of dead people, you just need to look at the
pollbook lists.

Then there's the "illegal aliens voting" issue. Do a google search on:

voter fraud "illegal aliens"

Over 24,000 hits by all the usual Conservative sources: Worldnetdaily,
TownHall, Newsmax, etc.

One set of links:


Two interesting specific links:

Note that there's a LOT of reports of this nature. Too many to ignore.

*My personal take: I'm in favor of more stringent voter ID.

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