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Date: Sun May 08 2005 - 15:52:24 CDT

My name is Clint Curtis. I am new to the group so it will take me a
while to get up to speed on what you are doing.

What I have been proposing is simple open source software that is
running on a non-networked non-propriety system. This system could be
done entirely on surplus equipment and thus bring the cost to the
states down to something that is hard for anyone to refuse.

One key element is that it would print two receipts. One used for the
official ballot which would be spot checked against the machine totals
(counts should match exactly) and the other to be preserved for open
inspection by any interested party (party as in person not necessarily
as in political). In the event that the spot checks prove the machine
totals to be in error, a hand recount can be mandated.

I am not a fan of the scanning technology. The touch screens can be
provided for next to nothing and can be equipped with a JAWS system
(, which
will make it accessible to the blind. Scanners are inherently
proprietary and thus add an extra layer of invisibility that can be
attacked by those with the money and motivation to do so. Might be
useful to spot check the touch screen count but my experience using
OCR, barcode, and positional mapping (while doing doc management at
NASA and DOT) was that their reliability would be less than perfect.
Have not looked at the systems in the last couple of years but I
believe the totals would need to match exactly in order restore
confidence in the voting system.

That is where my position has been but I am eager to continue to monitor
the discussion group and learn better ways.


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