Re: Sigh. Correction needed to the newsletter.

From: Fred McLain <mclain_at_zipcon_dot_net>
Date: Sun May 08 2005 - 01:51:37 CDT

Hi Jim,

I understand how it is to be labeled like this. I loosely consider
myself as a member of the conservative left, which the media doesn't
think exists. Politically I also tend libertarian, but being an
independent I don't vote for a party, I vote for a candidate.
Apparently thinking people confuse the media. This makes me wonder if
we are expected to be drudges that just follow what shows up in their
news releases.


P.S. There's been good progress on the OVC demo this weekend, I'm a
happy demo-lead camper :)

On Sat, 2005-05-07 at 22:59 -0700, Jim March wrote:
> This bit:
> --------------
> In addition R. Lee Wrights, Vice-chair of the Libertarian National
> Committee and Libertarian Jim March, who is also on the board of Black
> Box Voting, wholeheartedly support OVC.
> --------------
> I'm a Republican who "leans Libertarian", a member of the Republican
> Liberty Caucus. Also known as a "Ron Paul Republican" or "small-L
> libertarian". As I've said on numerous occasions. When I use a "short
> form", I'm clear about what I am: a registered Republican.
> Sorry, but I need a correction made.
> Jim
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