Megascanner drivers (was Re: Options arising from scanner tech...)

From: Edward Cherlin <cherlin_at_pacbell_dot_net>
Date: Sat May 07 2005 - 13:04:22 CDT

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On Saturday 07 May 2005 09:38, Jim March wrote:
> Drivers and long-term support: it strikes me that there's
> almost certainly no Linux drivers available for these
> scanners.  

The place to find out is SANE (Scanner Access Now Easy)
Details on Canon scanners are at
Given some basic internal information, particularly what chip set
the scanner uses, they can come up with drivers without too much

Now let's see...You were looking at a Canon DR-9080C. Here you
"DR-9080C SCSI unsupported Probably not supported. High-speed
pass-trough (ADF) color scanner. Similar to DR-6080C, but can
scan in color."

Here is the one high-speed scanner listed at
"KV-S2065L 62ppm B&W Duplex 8.5x14" - KV-S2065L
Panasonic KV-S2065L 62ppm B&W Duplex 8.5x14" Specs $5525"

for which SANE lists Linux drivers.
"KV-S2065L SCSI good" (meaning good but not complete support)

300 page feeder
daily duty cycle 8800 pages

62 ppm is nominally 3720 pph.

> We'll have to do our own?  And Canon will no doubt
> come up with later hardware models down the road that will
> need, you guessed it, more drivers (or at least tweaked
> drivers).
> But there may be an opportunity here.  We might want to
> partner up with a company that's in the Linux business and
> would have an interest in megascanner drivers being available.
>  We do an initial driver for the current model and then we cut
> a deal with Red Hat, Novell or ??? to offload scanner driver
> support onto them as a long-term thing.  Or maybe even partner
> with Canon, who might have an interest in making sure Linux is
> supported for their megascanners.  

When we can show them or some other manufacturer a market for
some tens of thousands of units every two years in the US, they
should pay attention.

> Maybe a co-development deal
> on the initial driver.  Either way, as long as the scanner
> drivers are open source/GNU/etc we don't need to be constantly
> screwing around with that aspect if we can help it.


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