Re: A comment in Teresa's letter about the Automark needs more information

From: Teresa Hommel <tahommel_at_earthlink_dot_net>
Date: Fri May 06 2005 - 16:27:44 CDT

The Automark as demonstrated on May 3 in Syracuse NY has a privacy
sleeve (cardboard folder).

The unmarked ballot is placed into the folder by the election worker. No
one can see the ballot face while the ballot is in the folder. The human
assistant (of the voter who cannot manually handle their own ballot)
carries the folder with the ballot in it to the Automark, places the
folder on the Automark, and pushes the ballot forward by touching the
ballot through a small opening in the folder. This causes the Automark
to pull the ballot into the Automark.

The voter the uses the various devices attached to the Automark to vote
on the ballot. The ballot comes out of the Automark directly back into
the folder. No one can view the ballot face or the votes on the ballot.
The human assistant places the folder on the optical scanner, pushes the
ballot forward by touching the ballot through the small opening. This
causes the optical scanner to pull the ballot into the optical scanner.

The law and the idea of the private and independent vote is that no one
can view the voter's votes.

That has been accomplished with this well-designed folder, I believe
designed by some elections folks in the midwest.

Teresa Hommel

Ed Kennedy wrote:

> <>
> Hello Ron and Teresa:
> Arthur caught this little article above about the AutoMark and I dug
> it out of the archives for you. Actually, it's really a case of how
> shameless and desperate the DRE manufacturers are to use the fact
> that quadriplegics might have to handle the ballots as an allegedly
> valid excuse to not have paper ballots. Sooner than we think,
> many quadriplegics will get remote control arm like devices attached
> to their wheel chairs and be able to handle paper ballots with
> reasonable privacy. Until then though, it goes way beyond reasonable
> accommodation IMHO to claim that the existence of quadriplegic are a
> valid excuse for all of us to not use paper ballots.
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