Re: Shamos Rebuttal, Draft 3

From: Ron Crane <voting_at_lastland_dot_net>
Date: Thu May 05 2005 - 23:41:47 CDT

On May 5, 2005, at 9:23 PM, Kathy Dopp wrote:

> Teresa Hommel wrote:
>> 1. Cut the “amusement” stuff and other emotion-laden or attutude
>> words.
> I totally agree. No judgements or conclusions, just the facts and let
> people decide for themselves what they think. Tone it down and
> understate it. (i.e. Do as I SAY not as I DO ;-). This "amusement"
> statement makes the entire paper look unprofessional in the first
> sentence. Why read on?

I seem to be getting a fair amount of feedback along these lines, so
I'll cut the responses to Shamos's snarks. There are, of course,
judgements and conclusions in any paper. I judge, for example, that the
threat from crooked vendors is more important than the threat from
hackers, and say so, and why. Certainly I try to avoid unsupported

>> 3. Do not refer to the American govt as a republic. It is supposed to
>> be a democracy. A republic can be a dictatorship. Just because Shamos
>> uses the term doesn’t mean you have to use it.
> In fact, the United States form of government is a Republic and not a
> true Democracy. However, perhaps using the word "democracy" rather
> than "republic" even though less accurate, does have better emotional
> response and is customary. BTW, a republic is not ever a dictatorship.
> Others besides Teresa may have problems with the word "republic",
> although Republicans seem often to remind me that we do not live in a
> democracy but a republic.

A republic certainly can become a dictatorship – arguably ours is on
the way there. I am not a Republican, but prefer to use the more
accurate term. Sometimes I say "democratic republic" instead.


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