Re: Shamos Rebuttal, Draft 2

From: Arthur Keller <voting_at_kellers_dot_org>
Date: Thu May 05 2005 - 00:43:17 CDT

At 9:11 PM -0700 5/4/05, Ron Crane wrote:
>>14. End of Section 5.
>>Check out for a good rebuttal.
>>Also the member opinion poll at
>>86.38% strongly agreed with:
>>"ACM's proposed policy position concludes that due to the risks and
>>vulnerabilities inherent in many voting systems in use today -
>>particularly computer-based electronic voting systems - it is
>>important that physical records (e.g., paper) are maintained to
>>ensure that a vote has been cast accurately and that a meaningful
>>physical record of a vote exists."
>>I'd recommend getting an update on the number of signers at
>>Verified by category. They no longer have the numbers
>>(or lists) on their website.
>I don't want to get into a war of numbers here. It's sufficient to
>point out his sophistic math and the fact that he provides no
>citations to support his proposition about "the other 9,999 out of

I disagree. You have direct evidence that he's wrong in my cite.

>>Footnote 54, Also cite
>That's not so easy to interpret, and, because of the Electoral
>College's amplifying effects, is actually not a good example of the
>phenomenon I'm trying to illustrate.

How about instead?

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