Re: Brand new concept in audit trails

From: Kathy Dopp <kathy_at_uscountvotes_dot_org>
Date: Wed May 04 2005 - 16:36:57 CDT

Jim March wrote:

> No, Ron, it does NOT "kill the carbon copy scheme" or it's variants
> because the only thing the duplicate paper is doing is ensuring the
> accuracy and hackproofing of a data type ALREADY declared public
> record in all 50 states.

I am not for or against the carbon copy scheme. However, I think it is a
very far cry from today's voting systems.

Offer both systems - OVC with or OVC without carbon copies. i.e. It is
appropriate for the election offices who purchase systems to decide this
one IMO.

GOOD NEWS: The Provo Herald printed my Op Ed piece today:


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