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From: David Mertz <voting-project_at_gnosis_dot_cx>
Date: Wed May 04 2005 - 11:40:42 CDT

Lara suggests a good set of Quaker-ish rules for consensus-based social
processes. I have a lot of sympathy with the Quaker meeting house
process, having adopted my current New England home and all.

But I think there is a rule 13 for more nuanced political processes.
It might seem to pull against some of 1-12, but in a deeper way it does

13.. Do not treat bad-faith engagement as if it were in good-faith
solely to preserve a superficial cordiality. It is not OK to lie
outright, nor to fixatedly cling to your own ignorance.

Or in the language of South Park: You have the right to call
shennanigans (bullshit).

On May 3, 2005, at 4:25 PM, Lara Shaffer wrote:
> I know computer geniuses don't think they need ground rules, but my
> experience and facilitation training tell me otherwise (sorry for this
> Jim,
> I hope you forgive me). ;)
> Just putting these out there as suggestions. I think we can all agree
> to
> these, right? Please talk to an OVC board member if you do not agree
> with
> these.
> 1.. Listen to one another respectfully and attentively (no
> unnecceassary
> caps or making faces with symbols)
> 2.. Accept that people will sometimes disagree with others' points of
> view. Agree to honor them nonetheless.
> 3.. Avoid using put-downs (even humorous ones).
> 4.. Be responsible for the quality of the discussion.
> 5.. Be open to new ideas and free to experiment with new or poorly
> formed
> ideas.
> 6.. Acknowledge if you are hurt or offended by something that has
> been
> said.
> 7.. Accept that people sometimes make mistakes or are misinformed.
> 8.. Feel free to participate and give others an opportunity to do so
> as
> well.
> 9.. Do not monopolize the discussion.
> 10.. Acknowledge that racism, sexism, class discrimination and
> stereotypes
> exist and try actively to combat them.
> 11.. Feel free to admit that you don't understand something and ask
> for
> clarification.
> 12.. Speak and listen to others as you would like others to speak and
> listen to you.

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