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From: Lara Shaffer <lara_at_openvotingconsortium_dot_org>
Date: Tue May 03 2005 - 15:25:52 CDT

I know computer geniuses don't think they need ground rules, but my
experience and facilitation training tell me otherwise (sorry for this Jim,
I hope you forgive me). ;)
Just putting these out there as suggestions. I think we can all agree to
these, right? Please talk to an OVC board member if you do not agree with
  1.. Listen to one another respectfully and attentively (no unnecceassary
caps or making faces with symbols)
  2.. Accept that people will sometimes disagree with others' points of
view. Agree to honor them nonetheless.
  3.. Avoid using put-downs (even humorous ones).
  4.. Be responsible for the quality of the discussion.
  5.. Be open to new ideas and free to experiment with new or poorly formed
  6.. Acknowledge if you are hurt or offended by something that has been
  7.. Accept that people sometimes make mistakes or are misinformed.
  8.. Feel free to participate and give others an opportunity to do so as
  9.. Do not monopolize the discussion.
  10.. Acknowledge that racism, sexism, class discrimination and stereotypes
exist and try actively to combat them.
  11.. Feel free to admit that you don't understand something and ask for
  12.. Speak and listen to others as you would like others to speak and
listen to you.

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