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From: Lara Shaffer <lara_at_openvotingconsortium_dot_org>
Date: Mon May 02 2005 - 16:31:07 CDT

Why don't people suggest some things Jamboi and other new OVC Tech people
can read to get caught up?

It is less his fault than ours that he keeps reinventing wheels and debating
issues that have already been discussed at length. We need to have more OVC
information on our site properly linked so people who haven't been working
for years on this can get involved.

I would suggest that Jamboi and others speak more civil-like and
professional-like to each other (one could suggest some ground rules like no
name-calling, no unneccessary caps, no put downs, etc) but I've been told
that this is how tech people talk to each other....(maybe the non-tech girl
is right in that ground rules can be useful to everyone?)

The meeting in SV went very well (except for the phone problem- sorry David
and Fred! We'll figure out a better system for next time.) I feel like the
OVC project is moving forward at full speed. Without Jamboi that meeting
would not have happened. We need new people to re-energize those who have
been working on this for a while.

Let's not forget we are all working for a common goal: transparent, accurate
elections. Let's see what we can do to help each other (OVC vets- give the
new guys some stuff to read; OVC newbies- thanks for your energy and
enthusiasm, it is helping to move things along).

As generation X says, "respect yo"
As professional adults say, "Please keep the discussion process in the realm
of civility"


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