Reluctant cleaning of list archive

From: David Mertz <voting-project_at_gnosis_dot_cx>
Date: Mon May 02 2005 - 14:34:43 CDT

I have really resisted any editorial action within the list archive in
the almost two years I've maintained it. However, we have been lucky
enough not to have anyone as voluminously disruptive as JamBoi up to
this point.

When I wrote my initial note of concern, I had not yet read some of Jam
Boi's most belligerent posts. I may or may not have read everything in
order, but the general trend seems to be of descending quality.
Basically, I am not willing to "poison the well" of the list archive by
allowing insults and rambling of such low quality on it.

Yes, reasonable people sometimes have mental glitches ("thinkos"); and
sometimes tempers and bad days lead to poorly considered posts. I've
been guilty of both myself, occasionally. But the last day or two have
been much worse than this.

On the other hand, I really don't want to remove any posts outright.
Doing so would not be "censorship" as some might intemperately
characterize editorial action--but it's generally not in keeping with
my sentiments, nonetheless.

As a compromise, I have modified the list archive at:

Currently, the May.2005 archive is divided into the regular archive and
a "trolls" subsection. I believe that everything inappropriate for the
archive is directed to the May.2005.trolls archive, but it is
conceivable that the basic filtering puts some post of significant
content there as well. Going forward, I would ask other posters to
refrain from responding directly to troll comments.

I would strongly recommend to Arthur that Jam Boi be given no more than
48 hours to "clean up his act" before being removed from the OVC
discussion (and developer) list. And I would also urge that a
condition of being granted a continued subscription be the use of a
"real name" in all list correspondence. It's easy to hide behind a
pseudonym to play childish games while feeling protected by the name.
I am 100% certain that any claim by Jam Boi of dangers and threats
resultant to his "heroic dissent" are entirely bogus.

Yours, David Mertz (CTO OVC)...

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