Re: Shamos Rebuttal, Draft 1

From: David Mertz <voting-project_at_gnosis_dot_cx>
Date: Sun May 01 2005 - 21:31:17 CDT

>> 2. scratch "entertaining" and "(sometimes rather amusing)" from the
>> Abstract. It makes you sound unprofessional IMO.
> I wrote "entertaining..." as a subtle jibe at Shamos's clear
> unprofessionalism. If his paper had been passable, I might have
> written "informative" instead. I'm open to changing it, but let's see
> what others think.

The word that came to my mind is "sophistical"--I was far from
entertained by it. Maybe "crudely duplicitous" would fit as well.

> I'll post a DOC for the next version. I generated the PDF by "save as
> PDF" in Mac Word. Odd that it doesn't allow editing.

PDF is not an editable format, after all (well... it *is*, but not
easily). But it should allow cut-and-paste. Maybe Word adds the nasty
permission restrictions that PDF enables. FWIW, some readers other
than Adobe Acrobat are sensible enough to ignore those
permissions--e.g. GhostView (not sure about OSX's Preview in this

If I seem shortsighted to you, it is only because I have stood on the
backs of midgets.

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