Re: XML Reeks of Insecurity: "Seven Key XML-Specific Security Issues That Must Be Addressed"

From: Scott Brown <r_dot_scott_dot_brown_at_gmail_dot_com>
Date: Mon May 02 2005 - 08:18:13 CDT

I wholeheartedly agree. Furthermore, quoth the article:

"But just as performance issues are cause for proper planning rather than
the abandonment of XML or Web services, so are security concerns. They must
be addressed methodically from the project's start, but they are not a good
reason to give up the benefits of XML technology."

On 5/2/05, Arthur Keller <> wrote:
> OK, so he has a bachelor's degree in science. (Ask Dr. Science
> instead. You'll get a funnier answer.) Suggest an alternative and
> tell us why it's better than XML. And then we'll tell you why it
> isn't the replacement of XML that makes the alternative better.
> Best regards,
> Arthur

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