XML Non-Issue

From: Scott Brown <r_dot_scott_dot_brown_at_gmail_dot_com>
Date: Mon May 02 2005 - 12:46:18 CDT

Seems to me this XML debate has run its course. I suggest we call a cease
fire until some XML opponent (other than JamBoi) comes forward with valid
arguments against using XML.

As Alan pointed out earlier, this is an old argument within the OVC that was
settled a while ago. Previous arguments for and against are available for
viewing via the link that he posted eariler.

No-one has yet to point out any potential security risk with XML within the
domain that the OVC system will be deplyed. Until any valid arguments are
made, continuing this discussion is a waste of time.

It seems to me that JamBoi has had his say and the issue has been aired out.
If anyone else wants to join his crusade, they're more than welcome. As a
supporting OVC member, it seems to me like this energy would be much better
spent elsewhere.

-- Scott

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