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Dear Friends,
       I am forwarding the Oakland Tribune article to call to your
attention to the fact that
1. the newly established Elections Assistance Commission is about to
release several billion dollars to the states to help them to upgrade
their systems if they wish to upgrade their systems. (Since HAVA does
not require that states do so, they should be discouraged from getting
the risky touchscreens.)
2. Diebold has purchased Data Information Management Sytems (or DIMS), a
firm that manages voter-registration lists in CALIFORNIA and other
states. "The goal is to introduce a seamless voting solution, all the
way from voting registration to [vote] tabulation," Tom Swindarski,
Diebold's Vice President for Strategic Development, is quoted as saying.
       In other words, one might argue, with the Diebold/DIMS system,
partisan registrars could "deliver" a flawless election to the
candidates of their choice.
      I believe that the Secretary of State and our state/federal
legislators must be alerted immediately to the risks and the clear
conflict of interest in this new attempt by one branch of one party to
further privatize elections. The Secretary of State and legislators must
compose right now the regulations/legislation necessary to prohibit the
counties from being able to use the services or lists of Data
Information Management Systems.

                                Ann West

Date: Sun, 30 May 2004 03:36:09 -0700 (PDT)
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Subject: Google News Alert - voting machines + sequoia

WITH e-voting, Diebold treads where IBM wouldn't
Oakland Tribune - Oakland,CA,USA
... to keep selling electronic voting machines, both to ... a host of
-- from voting-systems giant ... & Software and Oakland-based Sequoia
Voting Systems to a ...

LAX controls over e-voting testing labs
San Jose Mercury News (subscription) - San Jose,CA,USA
... from voting-equipment manufacturers like Sequoia Voting Systems and
... the labs' approval before the machines can be ... own examination
of a voting system's hardware ...

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