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Date: Thu May 27 2004 - 14:36:05 CDT


> I've met Mercuri, and know Ron Rivest and Avi Rubin by
> reputation. The others I do not know... I'm sure I probably should, no
> doubt they're prominent in their respective fields.
I had some dialogue (not a lot) going with Conny McCormack and Lorrie Cranor
over the past 3 years. Conny McCormack is the ROV for LA County. She was
asked by Michael Antonovich ("Mayor" of LA County) to determine the
feasibility of my idea for application in LA.

She didn't really do what Antonovich asked, but then again, she really
didn't have the resources to do a real feasibility study. She has balked at
using DREs on a large scale (showing some wisdom there) and came up with an
interim solution, the Inkavote. Voting with Inkavote is a lot like voting
with a punch card except you mark the cards instead of punching them. It's
basically an opt scan system except that candidate names and such are not
printed on the card. Doug Cragoe (Doug lives in LA and is working on a
video for us based on some tape from the demo) told me that it was Conny's
husband that came up with the Inkavote idea. I think MIT helped some with
the design. She has spent some of her Measure 41 funds but I doubt she has
spent any HAVA money. So, she's sitting on a pile of money (in excess of
$100 million, I guess... she probably doesn't literally have it in the bank
right now but that much should be available to her over the next couple of
years) until the right technology comes along. She's popular and a bit

Lorrie Cranor is a computer scientist that has been interested in voting
technology for a long time. Among other things, she maintains her
"Electronic Voting Hot List." She posted my concept paper there over three
years ago.

She was very involved in the CFP2004 conference ( ) and
moderated the panel on voting. We got an invitation from her to set up our
demo there. I think she is not really in anyone's camp. The chair of the
conference, Deirdre Mulligan, is in our camp--she's joined the UC proposal.
If you go to Joe Hall's Blog, you can find a picture of Deirdre holding
Lorrie's baby.

You can say that Lorrie is a friend of OVC--or at least a friend of a

Alan D.
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