Re: website licensing

From: Joseph Lorenzo Hall <jhall_at_sims_dot_berkeley_dot_edu>
Date: Thu May 27 2004 - 14:13:20 CDT

> Posts are not in HTML, so adding just a little HTML fragment seems
> weird. Are you maybe thinking about the EVM2003 web pages, not the
> list archive?

That's true... you could use Markdown syntax:

Unless specifically stated otherwise, all posts are released to the
[Public Domain][1].


> I could stick in the CC URL as text, of course. I'm more curious
> about what you think adding the URL actually adds to the release.
> I like the Creative Commons project too... but does the URL do
> anything other than say "yeah, we like the CC project"? If not, that
> seems like a side issue that there's no point going into. The
> phrase "Public Domain" has a known meaning, not one invented by CC.

The URL, if followed allows people to understand what releasing into
the public domain means. The text on that CC page is a human-readable
form of a public domain dedication. If you wanted to dedicate to the
public domain explicitly in a shorter form without linking to Creative
Commons... you could do something like this (with the last part

Unless specifically stated otherwise, All material appearing in this
email archive is in the public domain and may be reproduced, copied
and/or used without permission. [Citation of the source is
= The content of this message, with the exception of any external
= quotations under fair use, are released to the Public Domain
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