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From: Joseph Lorenzo Hall <jhall_at_sims_dot_berkeley_dot_edu>
Date: Thu May 27 2004 - 13:40:08 CDT

> There's a difference between the EVM2003 software developed by
> volunteer labor (under EVMPL) and the software that will be
> developed by the various universities.


> I can only speak for UCSC in this regard, and I'm working with the
> licensing people at UCSC to develop the appropriate wording. Once
> I've got something ready, I'll forward it to the list.

The wording of the UCSC license is important. That is, if it's the
first license that is used to write OVC code under, it could have very
substantial implications for the future of the project. More on this
in a bit... (and in it's own thread!)

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