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Date: Wed May 26 2004 - 18:05:24 CDT

RE: [voting-project] new site updateLaird and Co.

We missed the link correction for the Balt Sun article on the news page.

Please fix asap

Use Dale's copy:


Alan D.
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  FYI, we're planning on cutting over to this site today (and much thanks to Cory and Erik for their hard work). So if there are any issues, broken links, etc., please send them ASAP.

  - LP

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  hi everybody.

  i am another person on the web team.

  cory and laird and i have been working on getting a new site done that
  does not use frames and that is more accessible while maintaining much
  of the look and feel of the old site.

  here is what we have:

  cory is checking it for accessibility but we already know it is much
  more compliant than what we have up now.

  i'm sure we'll be tweaking it a bit more, but this seems like a pretty
  solid site to use before we move to the drupal site.

  at this point, we would love your feedback on it so work out any
  remaining issues. broken links, design issues, whatever - please let us

  thanks for your patience and feedback so far.

  erik hopp

  532 charles st. floor 1
  providence, ri 02904

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