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I respectfully submit that you may be underestimating the skill level of the volunteers. I, for one, would still like to volunteer my services as a System Designer. I have experience in that. I just recently changed jobs, but I can volunteer my services after work. Plus, my boss is supportive of the OVC. He is pleased and proud that one his folks is doing something for the public good without asking for compensation. If you'll check the archives of the Risks Forum, you can also see that I have been in this struggle about as as long as anyone, having proposed VVPAT (I called it manually recountable paper ballots back then) as early as 1986 and 1988.

There are other volunteers with equal or greater skills.

We are almost half way through 2004. Many counties won't buy new and different types of voting equipment in even numbered years, especially Presidential Election years, so that means we need to have something ready in 2005. We should not discourage volunteer Systems Analysts or other forms of Systems Architects. That will only add delay to our project. If the full-time professionals do get funded, they and we will be better off (and so will the voters) by far if we give them a head start.

I did not mean, and I apologize if I did, imply that programming should begin before design. Clearly, design comes first. That's why I submitted a Data Model. Call it a basic plan for data layouts, if you prefer. Now, it's time to design a Process Model. Call it programmer specs, if you prefer. It's great to hear that there is a chance that full-time people will be hired, but lets put together a design team and include volunteers.


> Perhaps the OVC or other state projects have use for those positions
> as volunteers. However, the UCSC-led California project will have
> full-time staff doing those roles. We will keep our designs
> published and get feedback from the community, of course.
> It took about 10 months from project start until a demo was produced,
> and that with volunteer labor. For the California project, it will
> be roughly 12 months to build a whole system, first generation. That
> can't be done merely with volunteer labor, or even mostly with
> volunteer labor.
> Best regards,
> Arthur
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