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From: Alan Dechert <alan_at_openvotingconsortium_dot_org>
Date: Wed May 26 2004 - 16:13:42 CDT


> (1) I would be happy to see the developers of EVM2003 turn it into
> software that could be certified. Competition is good.
Right. But even excellent voting software will be useless without a
delivery mechanism. The OVC is designed to be that mechanism.

I expect that over time there will be many certified versions of the OVC
voting machine software. We will likely start with one (or very few)
specific make and model of PC with one (or a few) printers--along with a PC
stand/enclosure that will be used in the voting booth. Over time, many
printers will be added and many PCs will be added. Other PC
stands/enclosures will get certified for use with our system--I expect this
number will not be great but will also increase over time as vendors come up
with better designs.

The OVC may only be involved in getting one PC stand/enclosure certified for
use with our system. It's possible that inventors that come up with designs
will go for certification on their own. This may be something for
inventors/entrepreneurs to get involved with.

> (2) While I don't want volunteer *developers*, or at least not until
> there are funded people to manage the project, I am happy to get
> design advice and critiquing of what we do. Plus, we will be
> publishing our open source code, so by all means make suggestions and
> proposed changes. But (a) those changes will need to be vetted by
> paid staff, and (b) we will not *rely* on volunteer labor for any
> component. Nonetheless, contributed code and contributed components
> will be considered, depending on license compatibility issues.
I think volunteers can continue to provide valuable contributions to the
overall OVC project. It's also possible that volunteers could work into
paid positions with projects in their own states or they could get involved
in the business of delivering services to election boards.

Alan D.
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