Re: Consensus of the OVC

From: Alan Dechert <alan_at_openvotingconsortium_dot_org>
Date: Wed May 26 2004 - 15:46:57 CDT


>........ but the lesson of the butterfly
> ballot debacle is that people don't know whether the circle or punch
> hole applies to the contest on the left of the hole or the right of
> the hole.
No. That is not the lesson of the butterfly ballot debacle.

Besides that, it's not relevant to what we're discussing with our evoting
system. Due to various time/energy constraints, our demo EVM software did
not implement what I had asked for in the beginning--really really obvious
indications of selected choices. Most evoting system accomplish this very
well--selections light up and have big a X or checkmark indicated what's

Our production software should make selections appear just as obvious as
with other computer based voting systems. The Butterfly ballot just has
nothing whatsoever to do with this.

> Frankly, I think it's all to easy to miss contests inadvertently with
> our demo ballot, so we risk the problem of undervotes.
We discussed various ways to make it really obvious what that voter has
already done. Again, due to time/energy constraints, we settled for
something that minimally met the requirements.

Alan D.
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