Re: Consensus of the OVC

From: Arthur Keller <arthur_at_kellers_dot_org>
Date: Wed May 26 2004 - 15:32:02 CDT

At 2:45 PM -0400 5/26/04, David Mertz wrote:
>A voter notices she made the wrong choice for Contest #1, and clicks
>on the Contest #1 area, thereby jumping to the paginated Contest #1
>screen. This saves a bunch of click on "Back." After changing the
>selection here (assuming everything else was as desired), how does
>the voter get back to the verification screen? Is it still necessary
>to click "Next" a lot of times? Or is there some other "Jump to
>Verification" button? If there is a Jump button, is it only shown
>during review, or could a voter Jump right after selecting Contest
>#1 for the first time?
>I'm just trying to be clear on the design Arthur has in mind, before
>weighing advantages or disadvantages it might have.

Let's ignore the multi-contest version of this approach for the
moment, let's do the single contest version.

For each contest on ballot
        Present choices on one screen
        Record choices
        Go on to next (or previous)
        Display full-face verification screen of all contests and the
choices specifically made (as well as no selection made where
        If voter wants to make a change
                Voter clicks on contest where voter wants to change selection
                Present single screen of selections for that contest
(with previous selection noted)
                Record revised choices (make it easy for voter to
clear previous choices to make change)
                (This will continue at Repeat loop)
Until voter confirms verification screen

My approach also works for multi-page verification screens, if the
number of contests and their selections doesn't fit all on one

One problem with the RII is that there's no easy way to go back to
the verification screen other than saying next a bunch of times. I
think you even need to repeat all your selections (you can't simply
say next!).

On the first "Present choices on screen," I suggest that there be
"next" and "previous" buttons.

On the "Present single screen of selections," instead of "next" and
"previous" there should be "make change and go back to summary
screen" and "do not make a change, but go back to summary screen."

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