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From: Alan Dechert <alan_at_openvotingconsortium_dot_org>
Date: Wed May 26 2004 - 15:01:25 CDT


> When I refer to full-face voting--and I think I speak for Alan here
> too--I don't really mean that every contest appears on one screen, no
> matter what. Obviously, we're not going to fit 80 contests on one 17"
> screen (nor even on a 19" screen). For purposes of this discussion,
> there is a continuum between (A) Fitting as much as is legible on each
> ballot screen, thereby minimizing page turns (often fitting on one
> screen, but not always); (B) Restricting each screen to exactly one
> contest, thereby focusing voter attention on the contest (perhaps with
> some navigation/progress widgets on the same screen).
Good points.

As I mentioned in another post (response to Jeff), we won't decide all of
this in a vacuum. There are other bodies like NIST, EAC, and the IEEE, and
maybe NASED that will have input in this area. The OVC will be (and to a
certain extent, already is) involved in the process of developing standard
ways of doing these things. I might add that if the UC proposal gets
funded, we'll have far more talent applied to these issues than all these
other bodies combined. NIST doesn't have any computer scientists currently
working on this. EAC certainly has no scientists. IEEE has a small group
(vendor dominated) in their standards committee. One of the main guys in
the IEEE working on this is a ES&S employee. Others are mostly shills for
existing vendors.

One good question to ask--I have no idea of the answer, probably Doug Jones
or David Jefferson may have some clues: To what extent is the on-screen
ballot design automated with existing e-voting systems?

It seems that no matter how complicated the rules are, if we can spell them
out clearly we should be able to automate the process. Automating the on
screen layout tends to favor simple rules (i.e., one page per contest), but
may yield unacceptable rules (i.e., 76 pages for the 76 contest ballot--most
of which are judicial retention contests).

Alan D.
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