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From: David Mertz <voting-project_at_gnosis_dot_cx>
Date: Wed May 26 2004 - 14:07:50 CDT

> "The systems will also support voter verified ballots, allowing every
> voter to confirm their choices and providing a paper record for every
> vote."


> The new site won't have frames, so it will just open in the same
> window. If the EVM2003 link opens in a new window, we have to tell
> blind voters, otherwise they may not catch it.

Good. I never liked the prior opening of new windows anyway. And
getting rid of the frames in general obviously implies that each page
will occupy "full frame."

> Therefore, I think it is best that it open in the same window for now,
> with plans in the near future for the EVM2003 site to use the OVC
> header, bypassing the issue.

This might be less clear. EVM2003 is partially independent of OVC.
Some EVM2003 developers have clamored for a still greater autonomy
here, especially if/when some of the funded proposals go through... for
example, Arthur is pretty clear he doesn't want EVM2003 developers
involved (certainly not funded) if the UC proposal is funded. In such
a case, EVM2003 developers will want to independently update and
maintain EVM2003--transforming the demo into a more general reference
platform (we made appropriate design decisions along the way to enable
turning it into general-purpose voting software).

Given the relative autonomy of the two projects--though obvious close
relation--it's not really right to "brand" EVM2003 as OVC. Perhaps
some kind of composite logo, or reduced version of the OVC logo, could
indicate the close-but-not-identity relationship to readers.

That said, I would have nothing against using a more consistent style
sheet between the sites. The overall arrangement is compatible, but
the EVM2003 navigation tabs could use a matching color scheme, font,
etc (but would still point to somewhat different locations; but
prominently back to actual OVC).
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