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From: Alan Dechert <alan_at_openvotingconsortium_dot_org>
Date: Wed May 26 2004 - 14:03:18 CDT


> > Systest labs ( ) has been approved as a software ITA
> > and expects--very shortly--to be approved to test voting hardware
> > too.
> >
> > Assuming Systest gets the hardware ITA status, the process will be
> > greatly streamlined for us.
> Is it just the mere specter of having two full-system ITA's what will
> streamline things for the OVC? That is, do you expect competition to
> do a lot here? (am I missing something?)
The addition of Systest accomplishes several things. So far, there are no
ITAs that can give you both hardware and software certification. You have
to go to Wyle for hardware and elsewhere for software. You have to deal
with the backlog of each and coordinate issues with each (sometimes there is
a fine line between what falls under Wyle's role and what is strictly

1) Systest will be able to do both. One stop shopping.
2) Systest has more bandwidth. They are a software test lab with over 60
employees. Wyle is a big test lab but it's hard to
find anything about voting hardware testing on their web site. I think it's
a very small part of their operation and may not get much priority. Ciber
is also a big company but not much is known about their voting software test
program. We know that throughput with Wyle-Ciber is poor.... i.e., it takes
a long time to get something certified. From my conversations with Systest,
I think hardware and software certification could be accomplished in 2
months. We will be doing some trailblazing with issues that aren't covered
in the "standards" yet. But they seem accessible and willing to help. We
know the people we have to talk with at NASED and the EAC. I think any and
all standards issues could be dealt with readily as long as the ITA doesn't
go to sleep on us. Systest won't go to sleep on us. Wyle and/or Ciber
3) The addition of Systest harkens something really new...i.e., a NEW LAB!
There is competition, finally. It's possible there will be more labs and
the ITAs will have to compete for the business.

Alan D.
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