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From: Cory Hamma <cory_at_openvoting_dot_org>
Date: Wed May 26 2004 - 13:47:04 CDT


As many changes are being made today to the web site, I'll try to
incorporate these ideas. Currently, I have added a small blurb to the
home page with voter verifiable ballot, and I hope it correctly
represents the ideas of the group. "The systems will also support voter
verified ballots, allowing every voter to confirm their choices and
providing a paper record for every vote."

The new site won't have frames, so it will just open in the same
window. If the EVM2003 link opens in a new window, we have to tell
blind voters, otherwise they may not catch it. Therefore, I think it is
best that it open in the same window for now, with plans in the near
future for the EVM2003 site to use the OVC header, bypassing the issue.


David Mertz wrote:

> Y'know, now that the OVC website has been discussed, and the various
> changes to layout proposed, I took another look at the home page.
> There's really something strikingly missing there: the phrase "Voter
> verifiable ballot"!
> I know this point isn't exactly -hidden- on other pages, the FAQ an so
> on. But it's central enough that if should occur right up front.
> Certainly it's more important than the cost of hardware, which is
> mentioned in the first sentence.
> Btw. smaller thing: I see someone updated the EVM2003 link to go
> directly to This is excellent. However, you
> should take out the 'target="main_frame"' attribute, EVM2003 should
> break out to the whole browser window (it looks quite peculiar inside
> an OVC frame).

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