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From: Cory Hamma <cory_at_openvoting_dot_org>
Date: Tue May 25 2004 - 19:15:06 CDT


At your own risk, you can download Jaws for Windows limited-time demo.
It may only work on Windows 95/98/ME/XP Home. Be careful, it has a
tendency to crash your computer, so be careful what you leave open.
Here's the link to the download:

Or click Download Demo Now from this page:

It is one of the leading screen readers for Windows. Another leading
screen reader is Window-Eyes, which has an 30 minute eval (requires
reboot to run again) download form here:

Also to note -- apparently Mac OS X latest version has some sort of
in-development screen reader support built-in. There are also some Mac
screen readers, but I'm not familiar with them.

Some initial tips - when you run Jaws and open IE (don't use another
browser, it won't work) to grab the page, you should try to limit
yourself to keyboard navigation -- arrow keys move an invisible cursor
around the screen. Insert+down arrow should read the whole page to you,
if it doesn't start reading immediately. It will read the ALT tags for
images as well. Tab will go between links. To find the first form
field on the page, press F or f, then press Enter to enter Forms Mode.
After which, you can enter text and press Enter to submit.

Something to note -- Using anchors on a page allows the virtual cursor
to "jump" to that location. I like the changes you have made to the
layout so far :-) ... wow!


Popkin, Laird (WMG Corp) wrote:

> Bobby is great! I ran the drupal site through it, and made a bunch of
> changes that seemed to make it happier (though there are still a bunch
> of "if you're doing something that you aren't you should change what
> you're doing" warnings). I'd be interested in seeing what you think of
> it now.
> Is there a screen reader that I could download for free to do some
> testing?
> - LP
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