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Date: Tue May 25 2004 - 18:58:39 CDT

Bobby is great! I ran the drupal site through it, and made a bunch of
changes that seemed to make it happier (though there are still a bunch of
"if you're doing something that you aren't you should change what you're
doing" warnings). I'd be interested in seeing what you think of it now.

Is there a screen reader that I could download for free to do some testing?

- LP

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I did notice that the EVM2003 homepage was well written, congratulations on
some good work. I liked the use of the stylesheet with the navigation panel
and might use it on the accessible page as well.

When writing accessible web sites, it is important to note that while I am
familiar with Bobby, and Bobby is useful, it is far more effective to test
using an actual screen reader for true readability. Fortunately, I have
access to JAWS, a popular windows-based screen reader for page testing.
Having my blind girlfriend give it a test drive helps, too. The kinks that
Bobby pointed out will be ironed out will be fixed very soon.

It's a great help that the FAQ looks good too. It will definitely take a
group effort to ensure the future changes to the site maintain a high
of accessibility. I'm glad to know people are on board.

-Cory Hamma

> I would note that the EVM2003 homepage ( is
> entirely Section 508 Guideline blind-accessible (as should be the
> other content pages). Thanks mainly to Matteo, though I have
> updated the content based on his design. For a check, use Bobby:
> I think the EVM2003 page makes good use of a stylesheet in a way
> that provides a similar overall layout to the OVC page, while
> providing more graceful fallback to screen readers and similar that
> ignore the stylesheet.

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