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Date: Tue May 25 2004 - 13:15:10 CDT

Cory, please restore the old site. Then call me so that you, Erik and I can
figure out what we want to do, then we'll propose it to the list to make
sure nobody objects, then we'll do it. I am sure that the result will be
accessible (accessibility is very important to the OVC), but we have to make
sure that we don't lose existing content, leave out other people's concerns,
or work at cross purposes.

- LP

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> The reason why I updated the existing site is for two reasons. One is
> that there is a LOT of work to be done to the drupal site in order to
> get it half as blind-user-navigation-friendly as this site. I am
> excited about the drupal site because it allows much more freedom to
> change content, but at the same time this can't come with an overdose of
> extra text and links. I think the same also applies to the novice web
> user -- too much information makes the site seem intimidating. The
> text-only interface to the site unfortunately must be accessed AFTER
> creating an account or changing a setting, which can make first-time
> blind visitors frustrated. I know when I tried to do it with my eyes
> closed using a screen reader I couldn't even do it. So, much more work
> is needed for the drupal site to work really well.
> Please send me some feedback on the modified site!
Please coordinate such changes with Laird, Eric, and others involved in the
web site. You dropped all the links to news items on the news page!

Also, for the Holy Grail Editorial, please use this link (no reg)

Also, the Balt Sun article is no longer available at the previous url. One
of our list members, Dale Lane <>, grabbed a copy and
put it on his web site in the UK.

For now, I suggest we link to that. The Himowitz article is great and we
don't want to see that go away.

Alan D.

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