Re: Web site design - accessibility update

From: David Mertz <voting-project_at_gnosis_dot_cx>
Date: Tue May 25 2004 - 12:16:03 CDT


>> Please send me some feedback on the modified site!
> Please coordinate such changes with Laird, Eric, and others involved
> in the
> web site. You dropped all the links to news items on the news page!

I want to chime in with "good job" to Cory on the new site. In my last
note, I had not seen that the blind-friendly design was moved to the
main page (maybe it wasn't yet when I wrote it). But Alan's point
about the News items is important, please do restore those. (and...
well, if you can take my suggestion about removing the intermediate
filler page in the Project Development/EVM2003 link, that would be

One thing: is there a copy of the prior site design somewhere? I looked
through the new one, but it would be useful to be able to switch
back-and-forth to make sure nothing else was accidentally omitted.

Also, Donations and Home seem to link to the exact same page. That
seems redundant. Maybe we don't need a separate Donations tab if the
donations links will stay on the home page. Or maybe put some slightly
different info on that tab (e.g. more details on tax status, or the
purpose of donations, how they'll be used, etc).

One more: I like the simplification, but I'm not sure the redesign to
put the tabs at top is necessary. I guess letting the FAQ have the
whole screen width is nice, but the sidebar IMO gave the site a bit
more polished look. It's simple enough to specify side placement of
the tabs using CSS, as the EVM2003 site does. For screen-readers (or
text-mode/non-CSS browsers like lynx/links), the tabs will just fall
back to the top. If you wanted do go back to side tabs, you could
shorten the phrase "Project Development" to just "Developers"--I think
that conveys the purpose equally well.

On the Drupal site: Well, it's nice to make it dynamic, data-driven,
and all that. But every time I look at the sample, I'm completely
overwhelmed by the business of it. It's very difficult to get a sense
of what OVC is really about, and what I can do with that website. The
goal of the OVC homepage shouldn't be like slashdot or the like, to
present as many useful links as possible. At the least, 80% of what's
on the homepage should be pushed to some nested location. Also, there
is an odd thing with the logo graphic and the horizontal rule near the
top. They don't quite line up, but they also kinda jump around when
the mouse hovers over the logo.

Yours, David...
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