Re: Web Site Accessibility Update

From: Teresa Hommel <tahommel_at_earthlink_dot_net>
Date: Mon May 24 2004 - 23:44:47 CDT

The new web page design is wonderful! So clear! Thank you!

One request for a tweak -- the blue and green colors of the links on the
upper left are so similar that I can barely see the green letters on the blue
background. Maybe plain black letters would be easier to see. There needs to
be a strong light-dark contrast for some people's eyes (like mine) to be able
to see the writing.

Cory Hamma wrote:

> Hi All,
> I have created a version of the home page that is in a blind-user
> accessible format. There were several problems with the home page,
> including frames, graphics and other miscellaneous issues that caused
> problems with it's viewing by blind and visually-impaired people.
> Modification of the home page into "accessible" format is still very
> possible, however it still won't be as good as a separate page, and we
> really need to target the blind and visually impaired audience, because
> there are a lot of foundations out there who can really help financially.
> Also, in lieu of sticking a link on a frames-based main page for a
> text-only site, I propose we use some sort of "intro" page, allowing the
> choice of a text-only web site as the first link. This makes the
> selection so much easier for both those using a screen-reader and IE or
> those using Lynx (text-only web browser, which does not handle frames).
> Example of such a page:
> There is still some more work to be done, especially on the rest of our
> web pages. I would like to propose some changes:
> 1. On the main page, change the navigation bar to text instead of
> images. Visually impaired people, such as those who just wear glasses
> to see better, will appreciate that the text size of the navigation bar
> increases with their browser.
> 2. Move the Bylaws section into About Us. I can't really see people
> clicking straight through to the bylaws when visiting the site anyways.
> 3. Place programmer/supporter bios in the About Us section, perhaps
> creating multiple pages for directors, programmers, and supporters.
> 4. Move the History section into About Us
> 5. Re-work the EVM2003 page into the EVM2003 sourceforge web page.
> I welcome constructive criticism, and you don't need to clog up the list
> if you don't want to -- you can write me directly. Please forward this
> message or notify any visually impaired testers about this right away
> because we need to fix problems and go live with it. I'm embarrassed to
> start cold-calling blind organizations and doing major promotions
> because our web site isn't ready yet, and I really want to start.
> -Cory Hamma
> cory (at) openvoting .org
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