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This is very cool, Cory.

You should be aware that we have a new site implementation (at that we've just got to 'polish' a bit to
get ready to cut over to. It addresses accessibility in a number of ways:
- no frames.
- the rollovers are done with CSS, so they won't cause the issues that the
old JavaScript does.
- a template driven UI, so people who want a plain text web site can do so
easily (simply by changing 'themes')

So I'd be very interesting in seeing your reaction to the new site, and in
focusing work on getting the new site accessible, etc., rather than spending
too much time on the old site. I think we're pretty close to being able to
cut over to the new site, and if we do the work once, on the new site, it's
better than doing it twice (on the old site and the new site).

- LP

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Hi Folks,

I have finally been able to develop a workaround for the various
(serious) accessibility problems with the web site. Here is my
prototype home page:

I changed a few items on the main page, just to make it a bit clearer.
I removed the Javascript cursor-on-link stuff because it makes the page
more difficult to update and is confusing for people who are less
web-savvy. I also changed "special needs" to something more
appropriate. Avoid use of this phrase whenever possible, as it is
demeaning to many.

The "navigation" bar at the top and combined logo make the page simpler
and quicker to load. I realize that with a small window (640x480) it
might be chopped off -- if anyone has a problem with it blocking the
main page text, please let me know by emailing me privately (to avoid
list clogging). The navigation bar does transform nicely into an
unordered list when used with earlier versions of Netscape and with
Lynx, a text based web browser. Therefore, we are still providing
functionality to earlier browsers.

Some notes about the navigation bar:
EVM2003 was changed to Project Development because, frankly, EVM2003 is
really not obvious at all. We could mention in the text of the main
page that our demo software is called EVM2003.

Donations is added for blind individuals - it links down to the
donations on the main page for their screen readers. We might add a
separate page for donations -- maybe people want to make specific
donations towards a specific purpose, like advertising, or JUST to pay
developers, etc.

Volunteer link is created because we need to have a separate page
describing the open volunteer positions available. Something that came
to mind is PR help, especially with getting the word out to various
organizations and the press.

About Us can easily consolidate information about the board of
directors, star volunteer bios, and contact information. When I add
this navigation bar to all these pages, I'll consolidate the information.

News - a great place to have a slashdot type listing of the recent news
articles with links, even commentary.

Links - maybe we can beef this up with a few more sites. If an OK is
given, I will add the URL and blurb.

FAQ - no change except perhaps to remove the "printable" link because
there will no longer be frames.

I will be working on the other pages as described to add the
navigation/logo to them. There aren't so many pages that adding the
navigation is a problem, or a problem to update, so it will be nice and
simple this way.

Please send me your feedback, whether via private e-mail or to the list.

-Cory Hamma

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