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I'll second this. Typical costs per page for a laser printer is a small
fraction of a cent, while B&W ink jet printers are around 7 cents per page
(plus paper). But in one election, you might print 70 ballots, so the cost
of ink/toner is perhaps 15 cents for a laser printer, vs. $4.90 for the ink
jet printer (assuming that you can use ink and toner cartridges elsewhere).
If you replace consumables for every election, the laser printer toner
cartridge is around $70, while the ink jet printer is around $15. You also
need to take into account the purchase price of the printers. A cheap laser
printer is $200, while a cheap B&W ink jet printer is under $50.

I think that you have to assume new consumables for every election, because
you really don't want to ship laser printers around with toner in them. (I
used to work for a printer company -- we referred to printers shipped back
for repair, if the customer forgot to remove the toner, as a "toner bomb").

So the costs could be roughly:
        One Time Per Election
Laser $200 $70
Ink $50 $15

Admittedly the ink jet printers are slower, and most inks are water soluble,
but the economics are pretty clear.
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>I don't know that the cost is lower either. All the literature I've ever
>seen pegs cost-per-page to be lower on a laser compared with an inkjet.

Is that because the monthly duty cycle of a laser is larger than that
for an inkjet. When the printer will print at most a few hundred
sheets, two $30 inkjet cartridges is cheaper than one $90 laser
cartridge. And the inkjet and laser cartridges must be new, lest
they run out. You cannot expect the average elderly poll worker to
change the printer cartridge or "roll" a laser one even.

I suggest it makes sense for the printer to be in a locked enclosure
to prevent tampering.

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