Re: Re: Airline boarding pass printers

From: Karl Auerbach <karl_at_cavebear_dot_com>
Date: Mon May 24 2004 - 02:21:57 CDT

> > I forget to mention that these machines could also have WWV radios that
> > can get time-synch information even within buildings and basements that
> > are opaque to GPS time signals.

> I thought one absolute requirement of the EVM was that the equipment
> have no network or wireless connections. Not only does the equipment need
> to be secure, it also needs to be perceived as secure. A wireless
> connection even if just for a time tic (which is a great idea otherwise) has
> a perception problem IMHO.

The radio is receive-only; there is no outbound data. And it is a $15
commodity chipset that locks onto WWV and makes it available to software.
The security risk is close to nil and would be pretty much confined to
easily inspectable parts of the code.

(Other potential networking links, inbound and outbound, are via the power
cables or, as was described on /. the other day, via the sound from the
power supply.)


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