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From: Ed Kennedy <ekennedyx_at_yahoo_dot_com>
Date: Sun May 23 2004 - 21:06:30 CDT

Hello Cory:

    Forgive my ignorance, but why no frames?

Thanks, Ed Kennedy

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Subject: [voting-project] Web site design - accessibility update

> Hi Folks,
> I have finally been able to develop a workaround for the various
> (serious) accessibility problems with the web site. Here is my
> prototype home page:
> I changed a few items on the main page, just to make it a bit clearer.
> I removed the Javascript cursor-on-link stuff because it makes the page
> more difficult to update and is confusing for people who are less
> web-savvy. I also changed "special needs" to something more
> appropriate. Avoid use of this phrase whenever possible, as it is
> demeaning to many.
> The "navigation" bar at the top and combined logo make the page simpler
> and quicker to load. I realize that with a small window (640x480) it
> might be chopped off -- if anyone has a problem with it blocking the
> main page text, please let me know by emailing me privately (to avoid
> list clogging). The navigation bar does transform nicely into an
> unordered list when used with earlier versions of Netscape and with
> Lynx, a text based web browser. Therefore, we are still providing
> functionality to earlier browsers.
> Some notes about the navigation bar:
> EVM2003 was changed to Project Development because, frankly, EVM2003 is
> really not obvious at all. We could mention in the text of the main
> page that our demo software is called EVM2003.
> Donations is added for blind individuals - it links down to the
> donations on the main page for their screen readers. We might add a
> separate page for donations -- maybe people want to make specific
> donations towards a specific purpose, like advertising, or JUST to pay
> developers, etc.
> Volunteer link is created because we need to have a separate page
> describing the open volunteer positions available. Something that came
> to mind is PR help, especially with getting the word out to various
> organizations and the press.
> About Us can easily consolidate information about the board of
> directors, star volunteer bios, and contact information. When I add
> this navigation bar to all these pages, I'll consolidate the information.
> News - a great place to have a slashdot type listing of the recent news
> articles with links, even commentary.
> Links - maybe we can beef this up with a few more sites. If an OK is
> given, I will add the URL and blurb.
> FAQ - no change except perhaps to remove the "printable" link because
> there will no longer be frames.
> I will be working on the other pages as described to add the
> navigation/logo to them. There aren't so many pages that adding the
> navigation is a problem, or a problem to update, so it will be nice and
> simple this way.
> Please send me your feedback, whether via private e-mail or to the list.
> -Cory Hamma
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