Re: Printers Revisited

From: Alan Dechert <alan_at_openvotingconsortium_dot_org>
Date: Sun May 23 2004 - 19:03:32 CDT


> > > One major reason is that they (ink jets) don't overload UPS's. ....
> > >
> > As Far As I Can See, this is the only reason favoring inkjets you give
> > means much.
> Are we to really so quickly discount the ink jet aspects of shorter time
> to print, availability of color, instant feedback to voters that something
> is happening, lower cost, easy maintanence, smaller form factor, less
> heat, less power, and often better print quality and paper handling?
No, we're not, Karl. I have repeatedly said that trials are needed.
Furthermore, ultimately, it will be whatever works--not what you or I
dictate. I questioned, and still question some of your assertions. I don't
believe your notion of it being quicker. I know that on the HP Laserjet
1300 the ballot is out of the printer 8 seconds after hitting "print my
ballot." It doesn't much matter if the ballot is long or short, it still
takes about 8 seconds. I think it will take longer than 8 seconds on an
inkjet. You are saying it will *start printing faster*. So what? Make the
screen flash with a message telling them to wait for the ballot to come out
of the printer.

I don't know that the cost is lower either. All the literature I've ever
seen pegs cost-per-page to be lower on a laser compared with an inkjet.

> > We plan to have a battery powered mobile voting station too,
> This is the first time I have heard this. But assuming we have one - this
> would mean a switchover of procedures and equipment during a confusing
> time. That sounds like an invitation to disaster. ...
No. It's a requirement to accommodate people that are unable to come into
the polling place. Commercial models are available. We need to have the
same thing. Our Iowa State team has been given the task of building this
particular component (basically a lap top with a portable printer and any
devices needed to enable people with various disabilities to vote with our

Alan D.
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